Please share your experience with listening to the Singing Crystal Bowls on the CD: Jasmin’s Spiral Travel, A Journey with Crystal Bowls. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you.


Winter Solstice Dec. 2011 Comments:

Merci Beaucoup, Love so much Love, Pure Gratitude, Thank you. Carol

Very Healing – felt the vibrations within me – resonating. Davina

The Winter Solstice is one of my favorite nights of the year, on many levels, for many reasons. I really enjoyed the bowls and it is the first time I have meditated in Years. Thank you. Dave



What a very sweet gift. Very Freeing. Colleen

You have a true gift and I enjoyed the experience immensely. It was truly one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had. I look forward to another opportunity to “drift” and let go. Clare

You send my spirit on  a road trip flying & dancing freely. Thank you Thank you. Terri


Self Connection Books 33 Year Celebration,

October 15, 2011 comments:

Thank you for your time, sharing and willngness to be here today to bring me – and many others to a place and experience we(I) have not had before. For me to meditate for 20-30 minutes is a first. Blessings to you. Deanne

Thank you for sharing your heavenly music and the beauty of who you are. Willa

This was such a great experience I know some day I will want to have one. I’m so glad it was you that introduced me to them. The bowls are beautiful. – Barb

Undescribable how you can transform energy by your gift. It is really a deeper experience. Lovely Gift. xxx

Over time your great work after 12 years you are still moving. – Marilyn


What People Say, Comments:

Jasmin, you touched my heart. – Lori

Your music was stunning & the vibrations sent me straight to heaven…thank you for such an amazing gift to earth and all its people – Ruban

Thank you Jasmin. My heart opened to love even greater than known before. Thank you for this blessing. – Nancy

I found them to be very calming & uplifting. Thank you. – Wanda

It has been a sparkling crystalline journey of relaxation! Thank You! – T. Ewing

I enjoyed hearing the personalities of the various bowls play with one another. Always a pleasure, and makes me feel so mellow. – Alan H

Beautiful Images. – Kena

Many thanks for a delightful blend of harmonious sounds. They were as healing as they were a joy to listen to. – Cindy

I’m so pleased Cindy invited me to come to hear you play the crystal bowls! it was a delightful experience for me – thank you for sharing your gift. – Louise

Baby & me loved hearing the crystal bowls tonight – Baby listened intently & then started to play along for a while. It was great to be able to connect with my baby through the crystal bowls.  Namaste. –  Susan

I enjoyed a restful and enjoyable evening with the bowls.  – Rudy

Your sounds bowled me over – Susan

Jasmin angel, brought white light to my heart and the entire room. – T

The experience was wonderful. I didn’t want it to stop, I thought not yet. Thank you it was beautiful and you are beautiful – Anon (couldn’t read the signature)

Thank you Jasmin for opening my spirituality. You are beautiful! – Cara

Your music…opened my heart. – F.B.

Your musical creations are so powerful. Thank you. – Jenn

Your music inspired me and I felt it in my spirit – Suzanne

Your talent moved me so deeply, I could feel it so deep in my soul and body, it brought me peace. – Jen

Singing Crystal Bowls played live with Yoga:

This was an amazing Yoga practice! Love and Light – Faye

Fantastic relaxation. Gorgeous face massage without the fingers! – Sheila

Very Relaxing & Strong Vibrations of energy – Anon

Jasmin – truly amazing – the wonderful magical sounds you make with those lovely bowls. The vibrations were a perfect mesh with the yoga. Peaceful! – Lily

Such a beautiful blend of harmonious tones to move by. – with Gratitude Colleen

Soothing. Heavenly. Bless you – Karen

Thank you for mingling your vibration at the Folk Tree. This land has received it and it’s grateful and so are the keepers. – Paola

Thank you. I am hooked, a drum of my own is something that will be in the my future. Thanks again, wonderful experience. – Kelsi

Thank you for a wonderful night. I will be coming back – Julia

With love & gratitude for the gift of silence. – Jude

Crystal Yoga…every week! – Anon

Amarin has been leading us through the chakras…we are now immersed in the throat – all about sound & vibration. Your beautiful bowls were so perfect for this yoga inquiry. – Emma

Vibrations of life and compassion have travelled through me out in the world. Thank you – Paola

I think your bowl playing is suberb. Superb. Delicate. And very strong.

I love the energy that comes through. – Laurel

Amarin’s Yoga & Jasmin’s Crystal Bowls = BLISS, so much gratitude, Emma